IT-предприниматель и бизнес-ментор
Помогаю другим предпринимателям создавать, запускать и развивать самоокупаемые цифровые бизнесы
Привет, я Ната(лия) Кистер,
Команды, с которыми я работала:
As a freelancer, I support teams, startups, and companies of all sizes with |
"Design sprints", "Agile", and "Lean Start-up" are not foreign terms to me. I regularly utilize these methods in my daily work routine. The same applies to other aspects of my professional life, such as developing concepts, delivering measurable results, performance and online marketing, and creating UX designs using Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD.
Use of modern methods
I consider myself a full-service designer with extensive experience in designing and developing digital products and services. I believe that design is a holistic discipline that connects vision, strategy, research, concept development, UI design, prototyping, and user testing.
Many years of experience
As a self-employed UX/UI designer, entrepreneur, and mother of two children, self-discipline and self-control are essential for me. My daily routine involves effectively organizing my priorities and deadlines, maintaining and completing to-do lists, and the ability to make decisions and solve problems.
Self-discipline as a daily routine
My main strengths are in UX/UI design, prototyping, and no-code development. However, over the last 15 years, I have also gained experience in CSS and HTML, e-commerce solutions, and performance marketing. All these skills have proven invaluable in the successful execution of numerous web and app projects.
Tools & Frameworks:
→ Strategy planning
→ Project planning & control
→ Task management
→ Workload management
→ Agile management
Project Management
Planning, analysis & controlling of:
→ Social media marketing
→ Affiliate Marketing
→ Email marketing
→ Content marketing
Performance Marketing
→ Corporate identity incl. logo development
→ Brand Guidelines
→ Editorial Design
→ Packaging Design
Brand Identity & Experience
→ User Interface Design (UI)
→ User Experience Design (UX)
→ UX Research
→ Wireframing
→ App & web design
→ App & web prototyping
→ No-code Building
→ HTML5 und CSS3
→ E-Commerce Solutions
→ WordPress Customization
Web Design & Development
Adobe XD
Product Design (UX/UI)
Bravo Studio
No-code Building
Software Engineering
Google Sheets
Integromat (Make)
Databases & Automation
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Video Editing
Graphic Design
Google Workspace
Project management
Project examples
As an entrepreneur, my aim is to bring profitable digital projects to fruition. In all of my endeavors, I take on the roles of product designer and project manager, utilizing my diverse professional expertise. I am responsible for overseeing areas such as brand identity and experience, UX/UI design and development, as well as performance marketing.
Here are some projects that I have successfully implemented:
— UX/UI Design
— UX Research
— Prototyping
— Wireframing
— Performance Marketing
— Project Management
As a co-founder of MyCleaner, I played a key role in creating the online booking platform for on-site vehicle cleaning and detailing services.

As the Chief Designer, I oversaw the design of the online platform, employee app, and customer app, conducting UX research and user flow analysis. Additionally, I contributed to the development and nationwide marketing efforts.

In 2019, our platform generated revenue of 2.5 million euros, achieving break-even in our operational business.
Revenue of 2.5 million euros
Employee App
Customer App
Online Platform
Founder and Chief Designer of a German Startup with Million-Euro Revenue
Project MyCleaner
— UX/UI Design
— UX Research
— Prototyping
— Wireframing
— Development (No-code)
— Digital Strategy
— Performance Marketing
— Project Management
Thanks to low- and no-code solutions, I develop various mobile apps and chatbots – from ideation to market launch.

One of my most successful projects is the chatbot Clea N., which became a profitable product within a few months of its release. A year later, the chatbot had already acquired over 16,000 premium users in 52 countries worldwide.

I independently carried out the design and development of this project.
Product Owner and Creative Director of the Clea N. Project with Thousands of Premium Users
Project Clea N.
ROAS 280%
16.000+ Premium User
Performance Marketing
Native App
Work experience
40+ Projects
2 children
Born on July 28, 1979 in Magdeburg
Citizenship: German

Academy for Communication Design
Kunstschule Wandsbek (Hamburg)
Bachelor in Communication Design

Professional training center Psychodemia Inc.
International certificate ACSTH ICF
ICF Certified Coach

Ural State University
Social psychology

Language skills:
German, English, Russian
I have a great-passion for my work, which offers a blend of unrestricted freedom and self-discipline. It tells a story of inspiration, exploration, and accomplishment — a continuous and creative process that enables my personal and professional growth, leading to self-discovery.

I find it immensely gratifying to witness the transformation of an idea from my mind into reality, particularly in today's digital age, where the process is swift and enthralling.
I firmly believe that design has the power to change the world. What we see is just as crucial as what we eat and breathe.
Oana Ross
Managing director | Ross Hotels Stuttgart
Natalia always strives to maximize the value we receive from the available time and budget, and the results are always on point. She quickly understands the challenges we face, and the solutions she designs consider the bigger picture and possible next steps. Our collaboration over the past almost ten years has been straightforward, trustworthy, enjoyable, and productive. I highly recommend working with Natalia!
Christian von Hanffstengel
Product Manager | Volkswagen We
We collaborated with Natalia as part of the partnership between Volkswagen We and MyCleaner. She was responsible for integrating the platforms on MyCleaner's side. Natalia demonstrated strong conceptual and strategic skills but was also able to switch to practical design. Additionally, she has extensive experience as a product designer and user experience specialist. This gave us flexibility at the time and allowed us to make quick progress. The collaboration was highly productive and enjoyable.
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