Design is a story told through images. My humble role is to perceive this story and then relate it to the client, conveying and revealing their own individual personality.
My tools
Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects
Sketch, Figma, NoCode (WebFlow, Tilda, Bravo Studio)
Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery; WordPress Expertise
MacBook Pro Retina 15“
Thunderbolt Display 27“
Olympus OM-D E-M1
iPad Pro 12,9“ + Pencil​​​​​​​
Professional skills
Brand Identity & Experience: Corporate Identity & Design, Brand Positioning, Packaging Design, Social Media & Branded Content, Brand Guidelines, Roll Out & Implementation
Digital Design & Development (partly with other specialists together): User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Wireframing (Mock-Ups), Prototyping, Web Development, App Design, E-Commerce Solutions, WordPress Customization, Roll Out & Implementation
Photography & Film (partly with other specialists together): Visual Conception, Portraits, Product Photography, Image Video, Motion Design, Video Effects, Post Production
Performance Marketing (partly with other specialists together): SEA/SEO, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Tracking, Monitoring, Controlling. 
About my work
My work is a cocktail consisting of one part unlimited freedom and another part self-discipline. It is a story full of inspiration, searching, and achieving results. It has been one continuous creative process. For me, it has been one of the ways of achieving self-knowledge.
Since 2004, I have had the opportunity of working on a team of world-class designers for design studios in Mannheim and Hamburg. I also opened my design studio and served clients directly, and I published several issues of a youth magazine. I have brought my line of cosmetics to market.
In 2011, my husband and me together with a group of partners founded MyCleaner, which has proven itself to be a successful startup. It partnered with the Autoscout24 portal and was admitted to YouIsNow (Startup Accelerator of the Scout24 Portals). This project has afforded my invaluable opportunities to work together with a group of true professionals in online marketing. In addition to becoming familiar with the fields of user experience and user interface, I have gained extensive experience in such areas as search engine marketing (SEA and SEO), content marketing, e-mail-marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and many other areas. I worked as a Product Designer & Brand Manager for the MyCleaner project.
In addition to the above pursuits, during this entire time I have been growing a company together with my husband. This company provides me with a platform through which I am able to offer my services as a freelance designer, art director and consultant.
Whether it is creating a new product or repositioning an existing one, I am pleased to participate in projects that personally engage me. When I am working on projects, I hire specialists from other fields to carry out tasks that are outside my competence.
For freelance enquiries, please get in touch.
About myself
I was born in Germany, but I grew up and was raised in Belarus. Since 1999 I have lived, been creatively active and developed my competencies in Germany (currently I live in Stuttgart). I am married and have two children.
In Russia, I studied psychology at university, and in Germany, I graduated from the Kunstschule Wandsbek (Academy of Communication Design) in Hamburg. I have remained interested in psychology, and I currently work as a professional designer. I am constantly expanding my horizons by exploring new directions and learning new ways of implementing ideas.
I like to travel. I regard it as the best and surest way to replenish my creative energy and recharge myself. I find solitude to be the ideal way to relax and the best working environment. It is only when you are alone that you can really focus, on the one hand, and give your imagination free reign, on the other. I am very interested in the creative process itself. I get extraordinary pleasure from watching how something that was only recently an idea in my head becomes reality.
I believe that design changes the world. I think that what we see is just as important as what we eat and what we breathe. I call this visual ecology, and I advocate for the aesthetics of clean and conceptually sound design.
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